Mandy Green
Chief Executive Officer

Mandy was promoted to the role of CEO in March 2019. She had been Executive Manager of People and Culture since 2008 and contributed to the development, implementation and oversight of the functions that enable CRCS’s people to contribute to their community in a meaningful way, achieve professional goals and promote wellness and safety in a professional, values-based environment.

Mandy holds qualifications and professional membership as an HR Practitioner. Mandy has spent over 15 years working in the HR field in senior roles with community organisations and local government. Mandy’s work in HR and experience with CRCS made her the perfect choice to take on the role of CEO. Mandy originally chose to work at CRCS because of the personal satisfaction she finds from working in a sector that makes a valuable contribution to the community, addresses social justice issues and advocates for change to improve the lives of others. Mandy regards our people as being CRCS’s most important asset. She looks forward to growth and change within the sector as a result of the many reforms that have commenced and will continue to evolve. She is excited by the opportunities for our people to learn and develop their professional skills and goals as new opportunities evolve during these changing times.

Deb Bampton
Deputy Chief Executive Officer

Deb started the role of DCEO in 2022 and has oversight of the Programs and Services portfolio whilst also supporting the CEO in day to day operations and CRCS’s significant growth agenda.

Deb has held senior management positions in the community services and primary health care program development over the course of 25+ years. She has extensive experience in the fields of disability, community aged care, housing and homelessness and education. Deb has extensive experience establishing and implementing quality assurance and risk management systems and developing and delivering accredited vocational training programs. She has broad experience of working within government as well as non-government organisations.

Deb is motivated by the demonstrable changes that happen in the lives of the people we serve and support each day, through the service offerings of the community services sector. Deb chose to work with CRCS because of its exceptional reputation, and focus on empowerment and inclusion for all within our greater Capital Region. Deb looks forward to a long working life with CRCS and realising the organisations strategic directions.

Sandra Sheehy-Cox
Executive Manager - Education and Care

The role of Executive Manager - Education and Care is responsible for oversighting and driving the quality, safety, financial and compliance agenda of early education and before and after school care programs.

Sandra is committed to the creation and implementation of programs aimed at the holistic growth and development of all children, with extensive experience in Early Childhood Education and Care, Early Years Learning Framework, Strategic Planning, National Quality Standards, and Administration, gained from over twenty-eight years of employment history within the Education and Care sectors. 

Prior to joining CRCS, Sandra held senior leadership roles in a range of early childhood education settings, including preschools and long day care centers. Sandra's commitment to quality education and care for young children is reflected in the exceptional programs and services delivered by our education and care team. She is a respected leader in the early childhood education sector and is dedicated to creating positive outcomes for children and families in the Capital Region.

Heidi Prowse
Executive Manager - Strategy and Impact

The role of the Executive Manager - Strategy and Impact is on developing and implementing strategic initiatives that drive the organisation's mission and vision forward. She works closely with the Executive team, staff and community partners to identify and address key challenges facing the community, and to develop innovative solutions that promote positive change.

Heidi oversees the impact and evaluation frameworks, ensuring that the organisation's programs and services are achieving their intended outcomes and making a real difference in people's lives. She is passionate about using data and evidence to inform decision-making and continuously improve program delivery.

Heidi has held senior leadership roles in a range of community organisations, including health, mental health, and family support. She has a deep understanding of the complex issues facing vulnerable individuals and families and is committed to working collaboratively with partners to create meaningful change. In 2017, she received the ACT Young Australian of the Year award for her extensive community work and fundraising for cystic fibrosis. She is a respected thought leader in the community sector and is regularly invited to speak at conferences and events on issues related to social policy and community development.