Community transport

Our friendly, flexible and reliable door-to-door Community Transport service promotes participants’ independence and social and community involvement.

Community Transport support is for people who are ageing, recovering from a medical episode or living with disability. We help ACT residents living independently in our community, either in their own homes or independent units within a retirement complex. Carers of eligible participants can also use our Community Transport services.

Our fleet of vehicles includes two wheelchair-accessible options (including the Community bus) so we can meet the diverse mobility and transport needs of our community.

We provide community transport under a range of programs run by the ACT and Federal governments. If you are a participant in one of these programs, you can find more information about your specific transport program inclusions:

  • Commonwealth Home Support Program transport
  • Community Assistance and Temporary Supports Program transport
  • Home Care Package transport
  • NDIS transport.

We also provide transport services for members of our community who are not registered with these programs, based on referrals either from individuals or service providers.

Please note that you must register with us before we can provide community transport support. External referral pathways to accessing our community transport services may take some time; please consider this when a need for transport support is identified. We respond to new referrals as quickly as possible.

Community cars

We have a fleet of community cars to provide transport to medical and paramedical appointments, shopping trips and social and recreational activities, depending on the transport program you are registered for. Our car transport service operates ACT-wide from 7am to 7pm on weekdays, excluding public holidays.

Community bus

Our Community bus is an initiative of the ACT Government and is funded by the Community Services Directorate. The bus used to deliver this service is a wheelchair-accessible vehicle.

With a focus on social activities, we provide transport support for group outings, shopping trips and social and recreation activities.

The Community bus operates primarily from 9am to 3pm on weekdays, excluding public holidays, but we can be flexible to meet community need, or for special events by arrangement. We require advance notice of bookings requesting travel into New South Wales to allow time for appropriate approval requirements.


The Community Bus is for people who are isolated or have mobility issues, social or other barriers to accessing mainstream public transport options. The bus is available for seniors, people living with disability, parents of young children and residents of aged care facilities.

Volunteering Drives Our Community

Our Community transport service is powered by volunteers who provide thousands of hours of transport support to people in our community each year.

In the 2022–23 financial year, volunteers in our transport services travelled 42,338 kilometres and delivered 1,842 hours of transport support.

Volunteer drivers help people maintain their independence and social and community connection, using their own vehicles to transport participants to essential appointments, shopping trips or social and recreational activities.

If you love driving and have a passion for meeting people, we have a great volunteer role for you!

If driving is not quite what you’re looking for, there are other volunteer opportunities available within our transport operations, including administration support. Please visit our volunteers page  to find out more about volunteering with CRCS.


A small participant co-contribution is required for all services, with costs and payment arrangements discussed during the registration process.

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