Community development

The central goal of community development for CRCS is to foster community-led development of sustainable, empowered, and connected communities in the Capital Region. We endeavour to enrich our neighbourhoods through engaging and supporting those who are best placed to affect meaningful change.

As part of Capital Region Community Services’ commitment to building inclusive and connected communities across the Capital Region, we strive to support new and existing initiatives driven by passionate community members. We work closely with community members to promote, support, and grow a variety of locally driven projects, groups, activities, initiatives, and events.

We strive to assist communities to stand on their own two feet. Our focus is on community-led and directed initiatives that provide an opportunity for the community to express their goals, ideas, and purpose through action from within, and not imposed from outside. Community Development is about building and strengthening communities so they will be best positioned to service their community members.

So what does community development look like at Capital Region Community Services:

Holt Micro Forest

Initiative: We supported and collaborated with a grass-roots initiative in Holt to secure funding to develop a micro forest near the Holt shops.

Outcome: The Holt community secured grant funding to build a micro forest. The micro forest is now being used and cared for by multiple residents and stakeholders (e,g, schools) within Holt.

Paddy’s Park Play Day

Initiative: A collaboration with Ginninderry land development team to provide opportunities for the community to connect with one another and inspire them to participate in the activation of the space.

Outcome: With our support, Ginninderry learned how to run events. They have now created an extensive mailing list of community members to help run events and have the skills and resources to run events themselves.

Get involved

For communities

Our community development team would love to hear from both members of established community groups and those that would like to start something new! We can assist in building on the strengths and knowledge that is embedded in your community.

For organisations looking to partner

Communities are in need of people power, skills, resources, facilities, funds, and reach to support their development. Collaborate with us to support the strengthening of the local community and grow your reputation and presence in the Capital Region.

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