Strategic Intent

An inclusive connected community

Our Vision

Inclusive, connected communities within the Capital Region

Our Purpose

Empowering people to live their best life through:

  • Building and connecting communities
  • Delivering relevant, person-centred services
  • Providing choice and opportunity

Our Values


Our Goals

Goal: Engage and connect with communities across the Capital Region


  • Develop and implement a community engagement strategy to ensure we listen, consult and respond to the things that matter.
  • Expand our organisational footprint within the Capital Region to connect people and communities to the services that will empower them to live their best life.

Goal: Provide high-quality services, placing people and the community at the heart of everything we do


  • Meet and exceed our quality standards and implement organisational quality certification
  • Seek regular feedback from our participants, families, the community and other stakeholders to ensure we have exceeded their expectations.

Goal: Be inclusive, responsible and exceptional as an organisation and an employer


  • Review and consult to continually improve how we communicate, document, design services, promote and celebrate diversity for our employees, our participants, and our communities.
  • Further our actions and commitment to sustainability through improved policies, processes, systems and decision-making.
  • Review our expectations of conduct and ethics and make improvements to our organisational policies, procedure and employment practices to ensure our values and culture are of the highest standards.

Goal: Strengthen our innovative and collaborative capacity to achieve greater social impact


  • Build on our culture of innovation and collaboration
  • Implement a framework to strengthen our innovative and collaborative capacity
  • Implement a social impact measurement framework to ensure we achieve our goal and our purpose.

Our Strategic Plan

You can download our Strategic Plan here.