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Bruce Ridge Early Childhood Centre (BRECC) is conveniently located within the premises of North Canberra Hospital, Bruce, providing an invaluable service to healthcare staff in North Canberra Hospital and our local community. Our experienced early childhood Educators will give your child the holistic education and care they need to prepare them for school and contribute to the community.

A note from our Director

At Bruce Ridge Early Childhood Centre, our philosophy, practices, connections and pedagogies are centred around supporting children to become active participants in their community. We believe children are competent and capable, and we provide opportunities for real hands-on opportunities to explore resources, nature and the community. We develop and actively strengthen meaningful, genuine relationships between children, Educators and our community.

Our centre is located next to North Canberra Hospital and provides opportunities for education and care for hospital employees and the wider community.

We are delighted to support children’s engagement and understanding of community by connecting with and exploring the surrounding bushland, our immediate community, retirement community and our indoor and outdoor learning environments (to name just a few).

Our environments

Our learning environments invite children to explore, experiment, test theories, problem-solve and practice through repetition. This promotes and supports independence, a social learning context and learning through play.

Our outdoor environment is an extension of our indoor learning environments, featuring opportunities for children to explore, connect and learn through play in a vast, unique natural playground. Our Educators’ roles are to be facilitators and co-learners with our children, encouraging them to follow their own learning goals and to provide extensions of learning opportunities centred around children’s interests and autonomy.



Up to 12 infants aged 6 weeks to 14 months can enjoy the nurturing, warm, light-filled learning environment in our Banksia space, with different zones to support their learning and exploration. Having opportunities to explore their world provides infants with the ability to build muscle tone and coordination, and provides for their growing capacity to explore. Separate sleeping spaces offer a calm and restful environment.

Snowy Daisy


Our younger toddlers (aged 14 months to two years) in the Snowy Daisy space have opportunities to play alone or with others, building their social skills and learning capacity through friendly and genuine relationships. There are quiet spaces for calm play and separate areas for more active learning, ensuring children have a positive experience every day.



Our Rivergum space for up to 19 toddlers aged two to three years provides children with an environment that supports their developing social skills and builds their capacity for imagination, with pretend play occurring through lots of open-ended resources and loose parts. The environment is defined into different play zones to build children’s learning through play.



With space for up to 26 Preschool children aged three to five years, Kurrajong provides opportunities to develop skills across the developmental domains through a range of challenging, open-ended play experiences. Children can engage in a variety of play-based learning experiences which will prepare them for school and develop their dispositions for learning in a bright, friendly play environment.

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Whether you are a parent, grandparent, or caregiver, booking a tour at the Bruce Ridge Early Childhood Centre is an excellent way to learn more about our services and programs. With caring and experienced Educators, a safe and secure environment, and a commitment to excellence, the centre is an excellent choice for families looking for quality early childhood education.

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