Child Care Subsidy (CCS)

About Child Care Subsidy

If you are eligible for the Child Care Subsidy (CCS), this may significantly reduce your out-of-pocket expense. For information on eligibility and how to apply, visit Services Australia’s website.

How to claim the Child Care Subsidy

Should you wish to claim the Child Care Subsidy (CCS) and you have not previously used child care, you will need to complete a Child Care Subsidy Assessment online through your myGov account or over the phone through Centrelink.

If your child has not previously attended a Capital Region Community Services centre or is returning after an extended break (14 weeks or more), you will need to confirm your child’s enrolment details through myGov to receive CCS fee reductions. Please confirm the enrolment as soon as possible to ensure you receive all CCS payments you are entitled to.

Existing families will only need to re-confirm their enrolments through myGov if advised to do so.

Visit a centre


Whether you are a parent, grandparent, or caregiver, booking a tour of one of our Early Childhood Centres is an excellent way to learn more about our services and programs. With a caring and experienced staff, a safe and secure environment, and a commitment to excellence, the centre is a great choice for families looking for quality early childhood education.