Budawang Early Learning Centre, Milton

Budawang Early Learning Centre provides education and care for children aged two to five years old in the Milton and Ulladulla region.

Providing much more than childcare

Budawang Early Learning Centre in Milton, NSW, provides education and care for up to 35 children aged two to five years.

We are currently using the temporary name of Budawang Early Learning Centre. However, we plan to rename the service after we begin because we want the children enrolled with us to have their voices heard on what we should be called. This is part of our commitment to a child-centred philosophy and to help develop a sense of belonging with the children.

Our warm and welcoming Educators offer quality education and care for children aged two to five years old. Although we are located on the grounds of Budawang School, we are not just for children with additional requirements. We welcome all children from the Milton and Ulladulla region.

We provide much more than childcare. Our mission is to create an inclusive, secure and respectful childhood environment that empowers children to explore their passions, form nurturing, trustworthy relationships, and reach their fullest potential through a child-led educational approach.

We care about the whole family, not just the children who attend our services. We actively involve parents in their child’s learning journey and encourage open communication and collaboration between Educators and families, to create a supportive network that fosters a strong bond between home and the centre.

As a not-for-profit organisation, we are all about community, and our warm and welcoming Educators embed that within our early childhood centres.

We strive to promote critical reflection and foster collaborative partnerships between children, families and the wider community.



Value for money

With our warm and inviting spaces, Budawang Early Learning Centre sparks children’s natural sense of curiosity and wonder to explore and learn at their own pace. We offer a comprehensive curriculum and experienced Educators, providing excellent value for money.

Note: meals are not included; please ensure you bring lunch and snacks.

Nappies, wipes and nappy cream ✅ Sunscreen ✅ 7am to 6pm, Monday to Friday✅


Active engagement during mealtimes promotes healthy eating habits, so we use progressive meals to invite children in a gradual, relaxed manner. This gives children agency and teaches them to tune into their body’s needs. It also provides opportunities to educate children about turn-taking, respecting others and table manners, and means their learning experiences are not interrupted when they are keenly engaged in an activity.

Please ensure the food you bring for your child does not include any nuts or nut products, as we are a nut-aware service. Eggs are fine.


A convenient and accessible location

Map Milton

We are conveniently located on the campus of the new Budawang School at 17 Croobyar Road, Milton. We are located on the right at the end of the school driveway.

Limited parking is available.

We understand the demands of modern family life. We offer flexible part-time and full-time programs and extended care options to suit your schedule.

Budawang Early Learning Centre, Milton

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17 Croobyar Rd, Milton, NSW, 2538

Our Philosophy

Our centre’s small, intimate setting allows for a holistic approach to education and care for your child. In addition to our academic curriculum, we nurture their social and emotional growth, creativity and physical well-being, to help them become confident, well-rounded individuals.


Relationships with the children are the foundation of our program. Through observation, conversation and engagement, we learn about children’s strengths, needs and interests. This drives our planning, ensuring that experiences are relevant, meaningful, challenging and achievable.

Each child’s learning journey is unique. As such, planned experiences allow for individual interpretation, participation and creativity.

Our program is child-centred with opportunities for children to make decisions, take risks and have ongoing input.

“Children need the freedom to appreciate the infinite resources of their hands, their eyes and their ears, the resources of forms, materials, sounds and colours.“

Loris Malaguzzi, founder of the Reggio Emilia Approach

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