In March, we celebrated Harmony Week and World Down Syndrome Day (WDSD) at Ginninderra Early Childhood Centre (GECC) and embraced and celebrated the rich diversity that exists among our children, families and Educators.

One of the Educators at GECC has a daughter, Maria, who has Down syndrome. For the sixth year, we celebrated World Down Syndrome Day together and reflected on the immense joy and positivity that Maria brings to our community.

The Lots of socks campaign as part of WDSD is particularly significant for the team at GECC, as it encourages children to embrace diversity, fostering a culture of understanding and acceptance from a young age. By wearing colourful and mismatched socks, our children learn to appreciate differences and celebrate uniqueness, creating an inclusive environment that values and respects everyone.

A photo of CRCS team member Mel, writing a message on a our 'Everyone belongs' canvas.
GECC Educator Mitra and child Jack smiling to the camera.

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