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Children's Week is a special time to honour the boundless creativity, curiosity and spirit of our little ones. This year, the celebration was even more magical, thanks to our incredible Early Childhood Education and Care team, as the talented and energetic trio of Vivian De Sousa Silva, Renata Ribeiro and Livia Pitz brought to life a captivating rendition of the beloved children's book 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' to all four of our early childhood centres on 27 October.

The excitement was palpable as the day began at Belconnen Early Childhood Centre with a heartwarming performance that left the little ones spellbound. The team then took the show to Ginninderra Early Childhood Centre, moving on to Bruce Ridge Early Childhood Centre before finishing at Bruce Early Childhood Centre with what was now hopefully a very full caterpillar!

In their performance of 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar', they didn't just bring a story to life; they transported children to a world where imagination knows no bounds. They taught, entertained and filled our early childhood centres with joy. As Vivian (Nominated Supervisor of our Belconnen Early Childhood Centre) said, “This book is filled with teachable moments and chances for children to participate in play with rhymes, identify with book characters, foster imagination, and talk about food. And yes, we all love food!”

But the team didn't stop at just the performance. They also created special gift baskets for each child, packed with educational resources to continue the learning journey, as well as treats, because what's a celebration without a little sweetness?

The dedication of the talented team was evident as they worked tirelessly all day, bringing smiles, laughter and happiness to their young audience. They were fueled not only by their own passion but also by the infectious joy radiating from the children.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to Vivian, Renata and Livia for their unwavering commitment to nurturing the minds and hearts of our children. Their dedication and enthusiasm made this Children's Week truly special, reminding us all that the magic of childhood is something to be cherished and celebrated.

Gift baskets for all the children to enjoy

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