A note from our Director

Hello, my name is Vivian, and I am privileged to be the Director of Belconnen Early Childhood Centre (BECC). I am passionate about providing high-quality care and education for all children and have been in the education sector since 2006, including in early childhood education in Australia since 2018.

At BECC, we take great pride in our community, which is built on strong, culturally responsive relationships. Our diverse team of Educators, which includes speakers of multiple languages, warmly welcomes children from all backgrounds and social statuses. We work tirelessly to meet every child's unique needs and interests, using strategies such as individualised learning plans and ongoing communication with families.

As the Director, I am committed to ongoing professional development and promoting best practices in early childhood education with my team. This includes implementing evidence-based teaching strategies, providing regular training opportunities and ensuring that our programs are inclusive and culturally responsive.

I believe that partnerships based on respect, inclusion and acceptance, with open communication, are key to creating a warm and welcoming environment where all children feel valued, respected and supported on their journey of growth and development. We strive to build strong partnerships with families and the wider community to ensure that every child has the best possible start in life.

Our environments


Our Nursery space provides care for up to eight children aged between six weeks and two years.

The Nursery environment has been designed based on Emmi Pikler's seven key principles: uninterrupted playtime, slow down, build trust, undivided attention, free movements, respect and ’with’ and not ‘to’. This method of Educaring ensures that children develop at their own pace while building self-confidence, resilience and self-awareness of their bodies and abilities.


Our Toddlers space provides care for up to 15 children aged 18 months to three years.

The Toddlers environment is based on Maria Montessori's five principles: respect for the child, the absorbent mind, sensitive periods, the prepared environment and auto education. Through respectful interactions based on the Montessori theory, children build strong independence skills, self-awareness, self-regulation skills based on implementing messy sensory-based activities, and respect for the environment.


Our Preschool space provides care for up to 22 children aged three to five years.

The Preschool environment is based on the Reggio Emilia Five principles:

  1. Children can construct their learning.
  2. Children learn their place in their world through interactions.
  3. A child's environment is also their teacher; their adult is their guide.
  4. Document the child's thoughts.
  5. Children have many languages.

This approach supports children's development of emotional intelligence, self-help skills and higher thinking skills.

Visit our centre

Whether you are a parent, grandparent, or caregiver, booking a tour at the Belconnen Early Childhood Centre is an excellent way to learn more about our services and programs. With a caring and experienced staff, a safe and secure environment, and a commitment to excellence, the centre is a great choice for families looking for quality early childhood education.


Enrol your child

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