Florey Primary

Before and after school care at Florey Primary School.

Florey Primary out-of-school-hours care

Our out-of-school-hours care program at Florey Primary School provides quality supervised care for children from preschool to Year 6.

At our service, children can participate in indoor or outdoor activities of their choice. As all children are in the same space, younger children get to enjoy a taste of big school and spend time with older siblings.

Children at our service are busy and industrious.They like to make and build, write stories, play games and grow friendships through shared experience.

They also develop a sense of community service by being involved in our wider programs, including designing their own fundraising activities for the CRCS giving tree at the end of each year.

Food and nutrition

We know the importance of good nutrition. We provide a healthy breakfast and afternoon tea and can cater for varying dietary requirements.

Children contribute to menu planning and sometimes have their own cooking adventures.


Before-school care (7:30am to 9pm)

  • Permanent booking: $29.50 per session
  • Casual booking: $31 per session.

After-school care (2:45 to 6pm)

  • Permanent booking: $40.50 per session
  • Casual booking: $42 per session.

School holiday program booking (7:30am to 6pm):$95.00 + incursion/excursion fees.


Operating hours

We are open Monday to Friday each week of the school term, except for public holidays:

  • Before-school care: 7:30 to 9am
  • After-school care: 2:45 to 6pm 

We also offer a school holiday program, from 7:30am to 6pm, Monday to Friday.

Enrol your child now

Enrol your child now

For more information or to talk to someone about your future enrolment and booking, contact our team:

  • 02 6264 0276 or 02 6262 0268
  • csat@crcs.com.au

To contact the service directly:

  • Service/out-of-hours number: 0401 045 215
  • Service coordinator: Qin.Bao@crcs.com.au