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Enrol your child

Quality before and after school care in the heart of your community.

How to enrol

Firstly, download the CRCS Enrolment Guide (PDF, 388KB) for instructions on enrolling your child into our early childhood education and care services. For families who cannot access a computer, we have a paper enrolment form attached that you can complete and return to the centre you want to enrol at.

After you have reviewed the instructions, simply register through the My Family Lounge portal on this page.

  • For first-time users of this system, click the button that says ’Register’ on the My Family Lounge portal and follow the on-screen prompts.
  • If you already have a My Family Lounge account and have used this with another education and care service, you can use your existing login details. Then select the service you require and complete the enrolment process with CRCS.

The registration process

The registration process can be summarised in the following three stages:

Stage 1 

  1. Register via the My Family Lounge Portal on this page.
  2. Create an account profile for your family. 
  3. Add your child’s details. 
  4. Add a booking request. 
  5. The Children’s Services Admin Team will review your request and send you an offer for care if we can meet your booking needs. 
  6. Proceed to Stage 2. 

Stage 2

  1. Accept placement offer.
  2. Complete enrolment form.
  3. Upload all required documents.
  4. Submit enrolment form.

Stage 3

  1. Select ‘Confirm’ to finalise
  2. Approve enrolment for your education and care service through your myGov account.

My Family Lounge Portal