Relay For Life April 1-2, 2023: CRCS Family Team Raises $3,809 for Cancer Council ACT

Last weekend, the CRCS Family team participated in the 24-hour Relay For Life event held at the AIS track. The team had a fantastic time connecting with the community over a common cause: to celebrate survivors and carers, remember loved ones lost, and fight cancer. The CRCS Family team was proud to have walked close to 250 kilometers around the track, completing 625 laps or more. The team also raised $3,809 for the Cancer Council to support those impacted by cancer.

Graham McKerchar, the team leader, expressed his gratitude to the Relayers and everyone who supported their fundraising efforts. "It was an amazing weekend to be a part of and fantastic to spend some time with some amazing work colleagues supporting the very important work of the Cancer Council. Pretty sure we will be back again next year," he said.

The Relay For Life event saw some unique moments, including three unicorns walking the track with Heidi, Deb, and Cristina all taking to the track in their awesome unicorn onesies. Additionally, one of the Relayers, Domi, walked the track while crocheting at the same time, which was something Graham had never seen before.

The event also had poignant moments during the Carers and Survivors lap, the Candlelight Ceremony, and the final lap of the day. The team acknowledged the support of Capital Region Community Services and Heidi, who won a prize for the most liked social media posts.

Graham gave a huge shoutout to the CRCS Family Relay For Life team who spent 24 hours at the AIS track over the weekend. He also thanked all the Relayers for keeping the batons on the track for the entire 24 hours. Paul and Alasdair deserved special recognition for spending the entire 24 hours of Relay down at the track with him.

The CRCS Family team is thrilled to have had their biggest fundraising effort and largest team ever at a Relay for Life event. They would like to thank everyone who has donated to their fundraising efforts and supported the cause.

For more information about Relay for Life or to make a donation, visit their website at