Sustainability is a big focus for our team at the Belconnen Early Childhood Centre (BECC) and we were lucky to have a member of one of our families provide an excellent example recently!

The family member noticed that a small bench seat at the service had suffered from perhaps a little too much love from the children and could use a little bit of a different kind of love to bring it back to its glory. He volunteered his time to refurbish the chair, and it now looks amazing!

The children in BECC’s nursery room decided the chair belonged in the outdoor garden, and they now use it daily to observe and enjoy their environment.

We are so thankful that our team and community are building on and modelling our sustainability practices, as this chair would have likely otherwise ended up in landfill.

Vivian the Belconnen Early Childhood Centre director posing smiling for the camera with a family member of a child and the bench he refurbished.

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