Connected Communities – Firefighters visit our Bruce Early Childhood Centre 

Solomon, a preschooler at our Bruce Early Childhood Centre, had an extraordinary birthday surprise recently, with a visit from firefighters from the ACT Emergency Services Agency (ESA)! With thanks to one of our families with a connection to ESA, Solomon and all the other children watched on in awe as a fire truck arrived at our centre.  

The firefighters shared captivating stories about their crucial role in keeping our community safe during times of danger. They taught the children about the specialised gear they wear during fire emergencies and the various equipment in the truck.  

The highlight of the day was the opportunity for children interested in a ride to board the fire truck. They loved inspecting the vehicle to look at all the gear used by these dedicated professionals. 

We are grateful to the family for organising this exceptional experience and to the firefighters who generously shared their knowledge with our young learners. It truly was a fantastic day, creating lasting memories for everyone involved. 

It was also a timely reminder, as we head into summer, of the need to be aware of fires and what to do in cases of emergency. 

What children had to say: 

  • ‘I liked the shiny clothes the firefighters wear. It's like they have superhero dress!’ 
  • ‘The firefighters told us about helping people in danger. I want to be a helper too when I grow up!’ 
  • ‘I touched the big fire truck! It was so cool! I want to ride it every day!’ 
  • ‘We have fire alarms here!’ 

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