Our out-of-school-hours care team at Florey Primary School is dedicated to fostering a sense of community within the service, with a strong emphasis on enhancing children’s sense of connection and belonging. 

The Educators recently started a new program called Learning for Fun, which aims to broaden children’s interests and offer engaging educational opportunities centred around cultural activities. These programs are designed to support children to learn through play in a fun environment. 

In term 1, 2024, the Learning for Fun program at Florey Primary School features: 

  • Mandarin (3:45 to 4:45pm on Monday, Wednesday and Friday), where children are introduced to basic Mandarin words, learn songs and engage in dialogue practice 
  • Sewing (after school for grades 3+), where they learn how to use a sewing machine and start creating simple objects like cushions 
  • Badminton (before school), where children will learn how to use badminton rackets and how to serve and catch the shuttlecock 
  • Table tennis (both before and after school), where they will learn the basics of the game and learn how to use the bat to catch and serve the table tennis ball 
  • A reading corner (after school) to help improve children’s literacy and encourage a love of reading. 

We encourage parents to join us in these activities as well!

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