It was literally a case of ‘standing room only’ at the Raiders Club in Belconnen for the drumming and ukulele performed by the amazing INVOLVE team from Capital Region Community Services on Tuesday.

The INVOLVE senior social group took its act “on tour” to the Raiders club in Holt, visiting the Best Club (Belconnen Energetic Seniors who meet on Tuesdays) for marvellous morning of music, singing and cups of tea.

Led by the multi-talented program facilitator Inoeg Nugraha, drummers like Maragret Juskevics concentrated hard on the rhythm and never made an error, but reflected on the value of socialising at the group meetings.

“It gave me my life back. This thing here this group literally gave me my life back,” she said.

“When my husband died I didn’t get out of bed for about four months.

“One day I googled around and found the INVOLVE social group at Capital Region Community Centre and thought I’d give it a go,” said Ms. Juskevics.

Retired nurse and fellow INVOLVE drummer Rahini Beaumont said she anticipated becoming lonely as she approached retirement and joined INVOLVE straight away.

“When I came here everyone was so welcoming and eventually lots of others joined who were also retired,” she said.

“There were retired judges, retired professors, all kinds of retirees who had become lonely,” said Ms. Beaumont.

Close friend Beatrice Williams didn’t mind admitting the current group of INVOLVE members are her favourite.

“This is the best group, I think, we’re all good friends and all so happy to see each other,” said Ms. Williams.

Rahini Beaumont drumming up a storm

Rahini Beaumont and Beatrice Williams


It’s quite obvious as soon as an INVOLVE member walks into the room how much joy there is. There are waves, hugs and kisses not a frown in sight but Ms Beaumont said there’s also a significant cognitive value of the drumming classes.

“When I was a nurse I would often have to do six or eight things all in order and think ahead,” she said.

“Drumming is very similar, I keep the rhythm and it even helps me when I stand up or sit down.”

“Unfortunately some retirees have accidents for example if the phone rings and they react too quickly trying to stand up; I always try to stay steady and walk with rhythm so the drumming is really good for me, even walking down the street,” said Ms Beaumont.

Ineog Nugraha stressed to the Best Club onlookers, some of whom had never seen the drumming performers, that it was very easy and anyone can do it.

“We keep things very simple,” Ineog said.

We use things like ‘One Ba-na-na’ or ‘Apple-in-the-bank-on the-drum’ rhythms so nobody will get confused.

Speaking of Ineog and fellow program facilitators Tracy Hitchins and Tracy Dodt, INVOLVE drummer Margaret Juskevis insisted on the last word.

“They are all superstars, you make sure you write that down,” she said.

Brilliant drummers and close friends Gail Byron and Margaret Juskevics

Awesome drumming performance from the INVOLVE group

The INVOLVE members are always looking for more people to join them in drumming sessions, excursions and other activities, where you’ll make close friends immediately.

For a free session of drumming why not drop by the Belconnen Community Centre Open Day next Tuesday the 16th of May (

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