At CRCS, we are committed to working closely with families in our early childhood centres (ECC) so we can work together to provide the best support for children's growth and development. 

As part of this commitment, our Bruce ECC hosted a Toilet Learning Workshop for around 30 families and Educators on 22 November. This was led by Cate, a Lecturer in Occupational Therapy at the University of Canberra, alongside Stella and Livia from Bruce ECC. 

The toilet learning period is a crucial phase in early childhood development. It represents a huge milestone in children’s independence and autonomy over their bodily functions. Within our ECCs, Educators aim to ensure that this time is both meaningful and respectful for children, allowing them to experience a significant sense of achievement. 

Cate shared essential insights into recognising key signs of toileting development in children and how families can prepare to start toilet learning. Stella and Livia then elaborated on how our early childhood centres support this.  

Following the presentations, the Q&A session saw numerous families posing insightful questions, fostering collaborative discussion and reflection on how to better support our children. 

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