We are delighted to congratulate Graham McKerchar on his 30-year work anniversary at CRCS today!

For 30 years Graham has been the beating heart of Capital Region Community Services transportation program, an essential part of community resilience for seniors and people with medical illness.

Everyday people in our community are isolated, needing to access medical treatment, groceries and social connection, but have barriers with transportation. From an initial role as a volunteer driver, through to today as the Senior Manager - Transport, Graham ensures that people across our community on active medical treatment or over the age of 65 who are still living independently can get where they need to go and home again.

In all this time, Graham has treated every day, every client and every trip like he was driving one of his own. Recently he was hosting a stall at a community event when he was recognised by the child of a client, he transported 25 years ago. They spoke of how his name was mentioned often in their house, because of the care he would take and how highly they regarded him. Now needing the same support, they signed up for services on the spot.

When you have so much going on, you know you can rely on Graham!

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