Through this program we provide free support to children, young people and their families. the program is family centred and strength-based, designed to empower families in developing and maintaining their own network of supports. We aim to connect, and assist families, with their consent, to access supports across a range of areas that can include financial, health, substance use, family violence and accommodation challenges. We'll also collaborate with other services with family consent, to provide holistic supports.

Our Case Management program connects, advocates, and empowers families to access support across a range of areas including family violence, mental health, financial issues, drug and alcohol concerns, and accommodation.

We may also collaborate with other services to provide holistic support such as child protection, schools, early childhood services, and family violence support services. Our program offers short, medium, or long-term case management, and provides options for home visits, meetings in the community, and online connections.

Case Management empowers children, young people, and their families to develop and maintain their own network of support. Our family workers assist children, young people and their families to develop their skills and access resources that support them to be active in, and connected to the community. Family workers can provide information; help families to identify goals; work with other services to achieve the best possible outcomes; and provide supported referrals to groups and programs that promote positive parenting, mentoring and personal development.

Our program aims to increase parents’ strengths and help them to bring up healthy, resilient children. Family Support case management can be accessed by individuals and families who live, work or play in the Belconnen Region.


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