Early Autism Education (EAE) is an early developmental program for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), related conditions and general learning delays that builds on each child’s strengths and interests to develop skills for life.

Our in-home or clinic-based sessions use teaching strategies tailored to suit your child’s own style of processing information. We focus on speech, communication, cognitive, play and social skills to enable children to engage in everyday life activities, education and social settings.

Our exceptional team of educators are passionate about building a strong rapport with each child and enjoy getting to know them through regular one-to-one sessions, figuring out what motivates them to learn.

We feel privileged to be a part of each child’s learning journey and love helping families every step of the way.

This program may be covered under your child’s NDIS plan.

Benefits of early education

Children’s brains are very receptive to learning as the neural pathways necessary for speech and cognitive skills are developing. Research shows that we have the best chance to increase children’s potential with developmental outcomes and encourage speech and language within the early intervention window of zero to seven years.

This will help your child develop essential skills to lead functional, happy and productive lives.

We can help children with a range of needs, from beginning through to advanced programs in all developmental areas.

A six-year-old girl smiling at her mother

We believe in helping individuals at any age and stage of their learning journey. We also provide ongoing support beyond the early intervention window, supporting our participants through school years and transitions through life and into adulthood.

Our curriculum

A boy playing with a puppet

EAE incorporates incidental learning, generalisation and play-based learning strategies. These core principles form the foundation of our program and we are committed to designing interactive positive education curriculums so children enjoy their learning experience. We actively encourage family participation and work collaboratively with other professionals to achieve positive outcomes for your child and family.

The EAE educational pillars include:

  • Initial readiness: encouraging participation, curiosity and interest to develop joint attention, imitation and understanding of verbal cues
  • Communication: speech, conversation and social language.
  • Cognitive development: basic and abstract concepts and pre-academic skills
  • Social skills and peer interaction: play, social and friendship skills
  • Life skills: learning self-help and independence to prepare for school and beyond.

Our EAE Senior Supervisory Educator

Fiona Jackson has over 20 years of experience delivering autism education services in the Capital Region. Fiona and her exceptional team of passionate and experienced professionals work closely with children in one-to-one sessions designed to maximise learning time and provide positive outcomes for learners and their families.

Find out more

If your child needs a bit of support along their learning journey, contact us today to discuss how we can help your family by emailing eae@crcs.com.au, calling 02 6264 0200 or filling out the form below.