As the cold months storm through the hills surrounding Belconnen, a heartwarming scene was set on 1 August 2023 as a small army of preschoolers from our early childhood services jumped onto the CRCS coach, each clutching a bag. Despite the chill, they were warmed by a shared purpose to give back to their community and make a difference. Their destination: Roundabout Canberra, a local charity that provides safe, high-quality essential baby and children's items to families in need.

As the preschoolers, aged three to five, stepped off the coach at the Roundabout headquarters in Holt, their little eyes were wide with curiosity and excitement. Each child took their turn to put their bag full of blankets, children's clothing and more into the donations trolley. They then got involved as mini-volunteers for the morning, helping the Roundabout team to sort through items being recycled and prepared for their new family, such as checking that donated puzzles had all the pieces.

Packed up, buckled up and ready to go

These acts of generosity are both heartwarming and build children's awareness of and skills in sustainability and community engagement.

Capital Region Community Services CEO Mandy Green said, "Our Early Education Centres are more than just childcare centres. We are building the skills and experiences of young people in our community, making a direct connection to the recycling and sustainability activities we teach within our centres in an engaging and, of course, fun way."

"This winter is particularly difficult for local families, and we have been appealing to the community to provide extra support through our Winter Appeal," said Roundabout Canberra CEO Hannah Andrevski.

"We gladly accept preloved baby and children goods in excellent and clean condition. Every child deserves a safe start, and every family deserves dignity. We are delighted to welcome the children to our buzzing warehouse where we bring everything together, ready for its new home."

The children embarking on their adventure

Arriving at Roundabout Canberra

In a testament to the willingness of the community to come together for a greater cause, donation boxes at our Belconnen, Bruce, Bruce Ridge and Ginninderra early childhood centres were filled to overflowing in advance of this event: enough to fill a whole coach! The enthusiasm radiating from the mini-volunteers was infectious, a reminder that compassion and empathy know no age limits.

Ruth Connor, Senior Manager of Early Education and Care, said, "Capital Region Community Services make all the difference when it comes to the care and education of your child. As a not-for-profit centre, we have a unique advantage. We pride ourselves in making a difference, we prioritise the care of children above all else, and this is reflected in our policies, practices and prices. The goal that we set for our Early Education and Care Centres is to provide quality care that meets the needs of families in their community. This means that we can provide a more focused, personalised care and attention to each child under our supervision."

As the preschoolers bid farewell to Roundabout Canberra's buzzing warehouse, their little footprints left an indelible mark on the hearts of all around, and on the lives of people in need. They embodied the spirit of community, sustainability and caring for others—lessons that will undoubtedly shape their futures.

We hope this generosity not only warms the bodies of those in need but also ignites the flames of compassion in the youngest among us.

Donating one by one

Lots of fun sorting out the gifts

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