It was all love and joy on Valentine's Day at our out-of-school hours care (OSHC) program in Cooma as children made Valentine's Day cards for each other in a heartwarming activity.

Having recently combined our OSHC programs at Cooma Public School and Cooma North Public School, our Educators thought that Valentine's Day was the perfect occasion to bring the children together for a collective experience that fostered connection and actively promoted thinking of others.

Each child was tasked with picking another child to create a personalised card for. The Educators then gave them given paper, envelopes and a variety of collage items to unleash their artistic flair. The children enthusiastically embraced the activity, and our Educators helped with spelling and finding just the right words to express kindness and thoughtfulness towards their peers.

The highlight of the activity was the heartwarming moment when the children formed a circle and, one by one, presented their chosen Valentine with a specially crafted card. During this exchange, it became apparent that some children didn't know each other's names, making the activity an even more valuable opportunity for connection.

Buoyed by the activity's success, the Cooma OSHC team plans to build on the concept, using similar activities to further deepen the bonds among the children.

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