Article first published by the Milton Ulladulla Times on 14 February 2024. Budawang Early Learning Centre Welcomes Eager Children in Milton | Milton Ulladulla Times | Ulladulla, NSW

It was a lively first week at the Budawang Early Learning Centre in Milton, which opened on 5 February. As Educators worked with the eager children aged two to five to find a collective rhythm, explore their new facility and develop lasting friendships.

“At Capital Region Community Services, we pride ourselves on providing much more than childcare,” said Centre Director Tracy Wiggins.

“Indoor playtimes have been brimming with creativity and joy, with the clear favourite activities being rolling and poking the playdough and constructing intricate structures with blocks.”

Despite the intermittent rain and heat limiting the outdoor play, there were still squeals of delight as the children enjoyed flipping onto the mat, ‘fishing’ from the boat, and shifting sand with dump trucks.

One unexpected highlight of the week was the fascination with the doors in the bathroom. Many curious minds decided they needed to be tested, eagerly shutting the doors and sitting on the toilet to try it out, or just playing with the door latch. It is a small yet significant aspect of the learning journey, showcasing the curiosity and thirst for understanding that the centre aims to instil in children.

Incorporating holistic learning experiences, Budawang Early Learning Centre held yoga sessions led by Educators Jo and Phoebe. These sessions promote the importance of both physical and mental wellbeing from a young age.

On Friday, the children experienced their first emergency drill. Though some were initially puzzled about its purpose, the allure of being outdoors and engaging in a novel activity swiftly captivated them.

“As we now enter our second week, our Educators are continuing to embed the importance of community within Budawang Early Learning Centre,” Tracy said.

“We aim to nurture children’s social and emotional growth, creativity and physical wellbeing, to help them become confident, well-rounded individuals. To find out more, we invite families to book a tour, drop in or enrol your child today.”

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