Tuning Into Teens (TINT) is a six-week interactive, evidence-based parenting program for parents and carers of adolescents 12 to 18 years old that aims to improve the parent/carer and child connection.

TINT supports parents and carers to identify and manage their own and their teen's emotions in ways that support healthy communication and emotional intelligence.

Our TINT facilitators are highly skilled professionals who will help you to enhance communication with adolescents in your care. This process can help them achieve positive health and social outcomes in different aspects of their lives.

Our sessions offer a supportive environment for you to connect with others having similar experiences. Facilitators present positive and practical methods so you can support your teen's development and emotional intelligence.

Practical skills learnt include:

  • awareness of what emotions their teen is experiencing
  • viewing their teen's emotions as an opportunity to connect and guide them
  • helping their teens identify and describe what they are feeling
  • listening to their teen's problems without judgement
  • strengthening their and their teen's problem-solving
  • coping with boundaries and limitations.

Delivery format: Groups.

Age focus: For parents of 12 to 18 year olds (This can be flexible on the upper end.)

Delivery: Online and in-person options are available.

Cost: $400 (includes GST and the cost of the workbook) per family. Only one parent needs to attend; however, both are welcome. Payment is required upfront.

Maximum number of participants: Eight families.

Please note that, due to funding requirements, this program is only available for ACT residents.

We are currently taking expressions of interest for Tuning into Teens groups in 2024.

To register your interest, fill out the form below, email wellbeings@crcs.com.au or call 02 6264 0225. We will let you know about the next program, availability and suitability for your child.