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Discover the Belconnen Region like never before in a thrilling and charitable adventure!

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Gather your friends, family, or colleagues and form teams of 2-5 people to compete.
Put your wits to the test as you solve riddles and puzzles related to the Belco region. Unravel the hidden gems of our community while racing against time to uncover your next clue.

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Registration for the Amazing Belco Race is absolutely FREE!
Here's the challenge, we encourage teams to raise a minimum of $800. This contribution will be dedicated to completing a yard blitz for a vulnerable family, preparing their home for a heartwarming Christmas.

Make a difference

Together, we can make a real difference and create a brighter holiday season for all.
For every $100 raised above the $800 target, your team gains a valuable 1-minute head start, giving you an edge in the race. Your efforts will also help create Christmas Hampers specially crafted for local families in need. Conversely, for every $100 under your fundraising goal, your team will have to wait a minute.

Have you got what it takes?



  • Saturday 23rd September 2023

Location and time

  • Starting from 12pm Humpy Hall, Scullin


  • FREE!


Amazing Belco Race

Saturday, September 23rd12:00 pmInvalid date





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About our cause

Once you crack the riddles, embark on an exciting journey to the next stop where you'll face unique tasks, testing your skills, creativity, and teamwork. Each task brings you closer to victory!

At Capital Region Community Services we believe everyone should have the opportunity to live their best life.

We focus on addressing the social, emotional, and practical needs of the community, taking a holistic approach and working in collaboration with other organisations to provide the best possible services.

Our goal is to empower individuals and communities and promote positive change.